The church provides the marriage ceremony because the covenant of marriage has been established by God and blessed by our Savior Jesus Christ. In a wedding we rejoice that God’s universal love is made specific and personal as two people celebrate the beginning of their life together. First Christian Church of Decatur is grateful for the opportunity to provide pastoral counseling, the assistance, and the facilities, and worship leadership for such an important moment.

Pre-Marital Counseling

The minister participates in a wedding only after consultation and counseling with the couple. Depending upon individual needs, expect from one to four counseling sessions with the minister. The sessions establish the significance of the wedding service and the responsibilities of marriage. The couple shall arrange pre-marital conferences with the minister as far in advance as possible in order to enjoy an adequate period of time for planning and consultation.

Music for Weddings

The organist of the church is expected to play for all weddings. In case the organist is unable to serve, the church will suggest a substitute or the couple may provide one. When the date has been set, the church organist will gladly assist in the selection of appropriate music. Couples are invited to schedule a conference with the organist to select music. If the couple chooses a vocal or instrumental soloist, the soloist is expected to schedule a rehearsal hour with the organist. The church organist has final say on all music.

Rehearsals and Wedding Director

The wedding rehearsal should be scheduled when the wedding date is fixed. A rehearsal should begin promptly and should proceed in a quiet, dignified and reverent manner. The wedding rehearsal shall be under the direction of the minister or the church’s wedding consultant and advise, Other bridal consultants are welcomed at rehearsal to observe and advise, and may certainly attend the wedding to assist the couple and their attendants.


Photographs may be taken before and after the ceremony, but may not be taken during she wedding itself. Following the ceremony, the wedding party may return to the sanctuary or chapel. If the service is to be recorded on video the camera must be located on a tripod in an inconspicuous area of the sanctuary or the chapel.


While decorations are proper, they should be kept within the bounds of simplicity and good taste, enhancing the quiet beauty of the sanctuary and chapel. All equipment, such as candelabra, baskets, etc. should be furnished by the florist or families. Protective coverings shall be placed under all standing candelabra, with every precaution made against possible fire. The communion table and appointments should not be removed. Please do not block the view of the organist. No tacks or staples are to be used. Decorators should see that all decorating materials and debris are removed from the sanctuary and chapel at the conclusion of the wedding service. A kneeling bench is available.

Reception Facilities

The fellowship hall and kitchen facilities are available for receptions. The church will furnish long tables for receptions. Caterers will provide other items, according to the bride’s preference. Protective coverings shall be placed under all standing candelabra with every precaution made against possible fire. If a couple chooses not to have a reception with refreshments, a simple receiving line may be formed in the church narthex. The use of alcohol in any form is forbidden in the building. Church facilities are smoke free.

Additional Policies

Bird seed may be thrown outside the building on grass-covered areas. This is for personal safety of the wedding party and guests as well as for property maintenance. Rice must not be thrown. Since the church does not provide a room for valuable items delivered to the church preceding the wedding, the church will not be liable for any items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

All-Inclusive Package Fee Rates
One All-inclusive Fee
for Members* $699
One All-inclusive Fee
for Friends $999

All-Inclusive Package includes access to
Church Facilities, including Social Hall;
Pastor and Pre Marital Counseling; Church Organist; Wedding Coordinator; and Custodian. Please pay a down payment to book date, and complete payment of all fees at least two weeks before the wedding.

Our Request of You!

We warmly invite each couple married here to:

  1. Keep in touch with us after your wedding. Since you will have shared part of your life with us, we will continue to be concerned for your home and family. If you are not yet members of this growing faith community, please feel free to visit us in worship when you are in the Decatur area.
  2. Call us if you need help. Our doors are always open to you, and if you need further pastoral care please contact our minister.
  3. Seek a church home together. Make an earnest effort to undergird your marriage with spiritual foundations. You are warmly invited to be a part of this congregation.

We look forward to planning your wedding day with you!

The guidelines on this site are for general information only. Please contact the Church Wedding Coordinator for a copy of the Wedding Guideline booklet for specific information regarding policies and procedures for weddings. 404.378.3621

* To qualify for member rate one must be an active participant with membership of over six months.

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