Church Park

Welcome to
First Christian Church of Decatur’s
community playground and park.

The park is provided by the First Christian Church of Decatur as a community service to all its neighbors.


Church Requests

  1. Hours of operation. Daylight to Dark.
  2. Play at your own risk.
  3. Please remove broken toys so children can play in a safe environment.
  4. Read information banners and signs announcing events and cleaning opportunites.
  5. Be a good neighbor by keeping the park clean.
  6. No liquor, wine or beer consumption allowed in the parks.
  7. No open fires.
  8. No reservation system in place for picnic areas or open air pavilions. First come first serve system.
  9. No Loitering.

In 1999, residents of the Ponce de Leon Heights neighborhood joined hands with members of the First Christian Church of Decatur to revitalize 1.3 acres of church property with the goal of creating a community park.  In three years we raised nearly $50,000 and transformed the lot into a verdant green space for free play and organized activities.

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Park Campaign & Fund

The Park is a joint initiative of the First Christian Church of Decatur and the Ponce de Leon Heights Neighborhood Association. All donations are tax-deductible and placed in a trust account established by the First Christian Church of Decatur in October 2000.  The account is administered by a Park Advisory Committee (PAC) consisting of three members of the Church, the Senior Minister of the Church and three-non-church residents of the neighborhood.  The PAC meets regularly and advises the Church on the redevelopment and maintenance of the Playground.  The Playground Fund Account is administered with the recommendation of the PAC.

contribution for park
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How You Can Help

  1. Support fund raising events such as Spring/Fall carnivals as well as field/fun days.
  2. Participate in quarterly park clean-ups.
  3. Make tax-deductible donations.
  4. Volunteer/coordinate events such as movie nights, picnics, games, etc.
  5. Sponsor upcoming projects (listed below)

Future Plans

  • A 30′ x 30′ pavillion on the concrete pad
  • Power and water to the site
  • Additional play equipment  $1,000 – $15,000

If you would like to sponsor one of these projects please contact the First Christian Church of Decatur at 404-378-3621 or